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Custom Wardrobe Designs

Custom Wardrobes Wattle Designs

The Wattle

This layout is perfect as a two person robe or alternatively, as a single person's robe. It has a good balance for packing and hanging.

Custom Wardrobes Bottle Brush Designs

The Bottle Brush

This is a very popular design and has loads of hanging with some packing. This design can be manufactured in almost any size.

Custom Wardrobes Designs

The Waratah

A perfect design for the main bedroom, with double drawers, lots of double hanging space and centre long hanging, makes this a perfect wardrobe for any couple.

Custom Wardrobes Designs

The Manatoka

A two door design budget style robe perfect for a single user.

Custom Wardrobes Designs

The Banksia

A Three door robe aimed at people looking for lots of hanging and which provides appropriate packing and shoe space.

Custom Wardrobes Designs

The Jacaranda

This robe is an alternative to the Waratah. It has the drawers slightly inset to allow space for the bedside table or other furniture.

Custom Wardrobes Designs
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